What is rhodium plating?

Rhodium plating is a surface coating with the precious metal rhodium. By wearing the jewellery, the surface is gradually worn away. The depths are not affected.

How can I find my ring size?

If you are unable to have your ring size measured by a jeweller, use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your finger. The circumference corresponds to our specified ring sizes in mm. Measure your finger circumference towards the end of the day. It should not be hot or cold. Think about which finger you would like to wear the ring on. The hands are not identical. You can also measure the inside diameter of an existing ring. Please make sure that the ring is not bent, but circular on the inside. The table shows the corresponding ring size.

Ringgrössen Tabelle

How can I determine my bracelet length?

Measure the circumference of your wrist with a tape measure. Alternatively, you can use a strip of paper and mark the point where the paper overlaps. Then measure the length of the circumference of the circle. Your little finger should fit between the tape measure and your hand. Alternatively, you can measure the length of a bracelet that fits you well.

How can I find out the correct chain length?

The exact pendant height is individual for each wearer, as it depends on their stature and neck. The illustration will give you an idea of where the necklace will hang. You may be able to measure an existing chain that fits or you can use a cord to determine this.

Kettenlängen Tabelle

Can I also order a customised chain length?

You are welcome to send your order with the desired length by e-mail to and we will send it to your home.

Can I have a particular piece made from gold?

Have you seen a piece that you would like to have made in gold? In principle, we also manufacture all pieces that we offer in silver in yellow, red and white gold. You are welcome to send your enquiry by email to We will get in touch with you and prepare a non-binding offer.

Can I also have a particular piece rhodium-plated

ave you seen a piece that you would like to have rhodium-plated? In principle, we can also produce all the pieces we offer with a rhodium-plated surface. Please send your order request directly to our atelier by e-mail to and we will send the piece to your home.

Can I have a particular piece gold-plated?

Have you seen a piece that you would like to have gold-plated? No, we do not offer gold plating. Our jewellery is handmade and is characterised by its authenticity. That is why the honest handling of materials is important to us. At Patrik Muff, this means that a piece that looks silver is made of silver and a gold piece is made of solid 18-carat gold. Original Patrik Muff jewellery is never gold-plated.

Can I also get a piece in 585 / 900 yellow gold?

Unfortunately not. We only work with 750|000 yellow, red or white gold.

Can pieces be individualised / personalised?

Patrik Muff stands for individual, diverse jewellery that is available in many variations. Unfortunately, we can only show a limited range of jewellery here. If you have any special requests that are not fulfilled here, please contact us directly by e-mail or by telephone.

Where can I buy the jewellery?

Patrik Muff jewellery is only available directly from our studio in Munich and our birthplace in Cologne, the gallery “Der vierte König”. We like the idea that you can’t get everything everywhere. This also explains our slogan: If you go to Munich bring me something from Muff! In addition to its buildings, museums and cultural offerings, a city also lives from its individual shops.

Are all the pieces on the homepage?

Unsere Kollektion umfasst mittlerweile über 1.500 Stücke, die wir leider nicht alle in unserem Onlineshop anbieten können. Gerne können Sie Ihre Anfrage per E-Mail an direkt senden. Sollte das Stück erhältlich sein, schicken wir es gerne zu.

Is it possible to buy pieces that were purchased a long time ago?

As a rule, we can still produce all the pieces that Patrik Muff once designed – unless they were specifically customised. Our well-stocked mould archive now contains over 2,000 individual moulds. Send us a photo of the piece and we will search for it in our archive.

Can I order pieces that I have seen in the catalogue?

Our collection now comprises around 2,000 pieces, not all of which we are able to show online. If you have not found what you are looking for here, you are welcome to send your enquiry directly by email to If the piece is available, we will be happy to send it to you.

I have an heirloom that I don't wear. Can you rework it?

We have many options for customising an heirloom. Every piece and every wearer is different, so please contact our workshop directly.

Why has my matt jewellery become all shiny?

The typical Patrik Muff finish has a slightly matt surface. Gold pieces are only highly polished in isolated areas. Through regular wearing and touching, certain areas of the jewellery are polished independently over a longer period of time. The fact that the jewellery changes through wear and “lives on” is a desired effect. This gives the piece of jewellery a patina and makes it even more beautiful.

My silver jewellery no longer shines and is tarnished. What can I do?

Our jewellery is at its most beautiful when it is worn a lot. This gives it a light polish on the outer surfaces and darkens it slightly in the depths, so that the detailed engravings and decorations of the muff jewellery are shown to their best advantage. This gives the jewellery a patina. If silver jewellery is not worn for a long time, it becomes dull and tarnishes. Household silver care products, which are available in drugstores, are suitable for refreshing silver jewellery. Please follow the instructions for use carefully.

You can also clean silver jewellery lightly with a toothbrush using circular movements (this applies to pieces without stones or pearls). The best way to remove dirt is with a standard household ultrasonic cleaner.

We also offer professional cleaning of your jewellery free of charge for the first five years.

Can I be sure that the processed gold is sourced from fair trade?

Due to precarious environmental and working conditions, the precious metals industry is increasingly coming under scrutiny. However, the extraction of gold from secondary materials such as scrap gold is not critical. The precious metals we use are therefore extracted exclusively from secondary material and are LBMA certified. This guarantees maximum purity and ecological and ethical harmlessness.

Symbole und ihre Bedeutungen

What does the "heart" symbol mean?

The heart stands for love. Since ancient times, it has been regarded as the seat of our soul and feelings. The shape originates from the stylised representation of an ivy leaf. In Greek, early Christian and Roman cultures, the ivy leaf symbolised eternal love. Love is one of the seven Christian virtues.

What does the "skull" symbol mean?

The skull symbolises death. The symbol is intended to remind us of the finite nature of life (Latin “memento mori”: remember to die) and also has a frightening aspect. In youth culture, the skull symbolises protest against the prevailing forms of society.

What does the "anchor" symbol mean?

The anchor stands for hope and anchoring. In seafaring, the anchor has the function of anchoring, of holding on to the depths and is therefore, in a figurative sense, also a safeguard in one’s own (spiritual) depths. Hope is one of the seven Christian virtues. The anchor also appears early on as a symbol of faith and as a variant of the cross.

What does the symbol "cross" mean?

In Christianity, the cross stands for faith. The vertical bar represents the relationship between God and man. The horizontal bar of the cross connects the relationship between people. Faith is one of the seven Christian virtues. The cross is also widely used as a symbol associated with death. Furthermore, the cross can be understood as a metaphor for a burden (including illness or disability) that a person has to overcome in life. In a positive sense, the symbol stands for peace and redemption.

What does the "Fleur de Lis" symbol mean?

The fleur de lis is a symbol from French heraldry and represents the iris in the form of 3 leaves held together in the centre. Only the royal family or nobles who had rendered outstanding services to the monarchs were allowed to bear the fleur-de-lis in their coat of arms. According to legend, the lily was presented to the Merovingian King Clovis I by an angel as a gift from God. Legend has it that the kings received their power and authority directly from God. The three leaves also symbolise the Holy Trinity, although the symbol never appeared in the Bible.

What does the "wing" symbol mean?

The wing symbolises the sphere of the spiritual, the divine, the spiritual and therefore freedom and independence. In many cultures there are religious or mythical ideas of winged spiritual beings. They are messengers of the gods (angels) or gods themselves (the Greek Chronos and the goddess of victory Nike are depicted with wings).

In the Bible, wings symbolise the protective and sheltering aspect of the divine, e.g. in Psalm 57: “In the shadow of your wings I find refuge.”
Wings also symbolise intellectual spirituality or enthusiasm. In everyday language, when we say that we are “winged” or that something “gives us wings”, we are talking about inspiration, energy and spiritual acceleration.