Signature Pieces

Jewellery designer Patrik Muff’s signature is unmistakable in every item he designs. However, some of the over 1500 handmade creations are absolute must-haves with high recognition value: They embody Patrik Muff’s style in a very unique way.


It wasn’t until the romantic era that wings, especially angel wings, were connected with female characters. The symbol behind it is much older, promising divine protection, freedom and lightness, also adorning men and even male deities. The wing pendants of the Munich jewellery designer Patrik Muff pick up on this archaic tradition.


“The flip side of the coin” – is just as nice at Patrik Muff. His coin plaques playfully and elegantly show that there are two sides to everything in life, which he designs with equal dedication: His coin tags are divided by an isosceles cross into four areas, where four letters, names or dates can be entered, or for active footballers, with a wink, even the words heads and tails.

Skull Rings

It is one of Patrik Muff’s most ambiguous, mysterious and controversial creations: Skulls adorned with victorious warriors, magicians, researchers, philosophers, rockers and punks. Patrik Muff combines all these layers of meaning in his skull ring, which he himself sees as a memento mori – as a symbol of the transience of life and the invitation to gratefully enjoy the here and now.


It brings luck and was already known in Byzantine as a magic object that keeps away any evil: the talisman. Jewellery designer Patrik Muff offers an incredibly diverse and customizable range of motifs. From the discreet anchor that signals communion, through traditionally detailed classics such as Christopher, the patron saint of travellers, to wings as a symbol of freedom: Each hand-picked talisman carries Patrik Muff’s unique material qualities and unmistakably distinctive design language.

Wallet Chains

Originating in the biker scene, they have long since advanced beyond these borders to become a fashion accessory. The wallet and key chains by the Munich jewellery designer Patrik Muff are prized as striking and highly individual statements with detailed clasps and mountings. Whether designed purely with heavily forged eyelets or with ornamental elements and symbols: It becomes obvious how Patrik Muff manages to refine everyday activities and give them a unique aesthetic.

Signet Rings

Rings with carved coats of arms used to seal documents date back to ancient Egypt. The modern version by the Munich jewellery designer Patrik Muff does not only work with old family coats of arms; coats of arms can also be redesigned and engraved into the ring head with personal attributes according to customer requirements. You can choose between various ring and ring-head shapes as well as the materials agate, carnelian, hematite, gold and silver.


Anyone who chooses the solid silver janitor’s key from jewellery designer Patrik Muff can, upon request, enjoy a personal message or wonderfully unconventional slogan that can be added to upgrade the keychain classic. Small teaser? Ride hard or stay home.