Again and again, Patrik Muff works with brands that have nothing to do with jewellery per se but have exciting design expertise and master craftsmanship. These selective projects are both a challenge and an experiment. For Patrik Muff, this means that it is possible to supplement the strengths of two brands – and to test out the previous limitations in the use of a material such as porcelain. In such processes, the designer always finds inspiration and enriching impulses that directly influence his jewellery design.


As a self-confessed Birkenstock wearer of more than 20 years, Patrik Muff has an affinity to the Rhineland-Palatinate manufacturer of emphatically “foot-friendly” shoes.
He therefore immediately agreed when the brand came to him in 2013 with a request to make clasps out of precious metals for a limited sandal edition. His unconditional aspiration? To raise the design to a new level. The Munich jewellery designer is also increasingly involved in the development of Birkenstock’s basic collections. Thus, he created imaginative clasps for children’s sandals or reduced the classic buckle to its minimum shape.


In the development of the jewellery collection with Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg that began in 2007, Patrik Muff is particularly fascinated by the collaboration with artisans
from an area that was previously foreign to him: Porcelain production is completely different from the forging of jewellery. For example, the design was carried out step-by-step in close cooperation with the manufactory’s master craftsmen – and, what remains a technical challenge in the processing of porcelain, in just one piece. The result are pendants in the form of coral branches, angel wings or kois: They combine the distinctive design language of the Munich jewellery designer with the unique material qualities and the sheer beauty of the “white gold”.


Handmade in Goodwood meets handmade in Munich. The finest craftsmanship and the utmost individuality. This brand aspiration is shared by both Rolls-Royce Motorcars and Patrik Muff – and was the inspiration for a luxury collaboration that takes these unique values and translates them into a sophisticated design edition: in 2019, Patrik Muff was commissioned by Rolls-Royce to design a special piece of jewellery that perfectly expressed master craftsmanship and individualisation with elements from the worlds of both partners. The result of this collaboration is a 115-piece limited edition series of numbered and signed fine leather bracelets with a striking Muff clasp as the dominant feature. The bracelets were made exclusively with beautifully soft genuine leather in different looks and colours from the UK workshops of the traditional brand RRMC. Handmade in Goodwood meets handmade in Munich.