Making a piece of jewellery to personal order – that’s what jewellery designer Patrik Muff calls the “top tier” of his creative work, be it the modification of inherited jewellery, an individually designed wristband for a Rolex, or a custom-made precious metal case for an asthma spray. Personal wishes have as few limits as the creativity of Patrik Muff, who creates unique items on this basis – always close to his customers’ wishes, but always in the unmistakable style of Patrik Muff.

Fresh Air

A custom-made case for an asthma spray – the contents of this unique item made of precious metal only become apparent at a second glance. Our customer wished for refinement of this mundane but necessary everyday object. The individually designed sheath for a medical asthma can, with personal symbols and signs, is custom-made. For Patrik Muff, the top tier of his creative work.

Gold Statement

An individually designed timepiece is much more than a status symbol. The custom-made, tailored watchstrap lets you show off your own style and show how you tick. Jewellery designer Patrik Muff used solid 18 carat gold for this Rolex wristband. Highlights were partially created by polishing the otherwise matte finish. The individually designed clasp engraving with initials and a skull creates a work of art for the wrist that now accompanies the watch enthusiast daily.

Haute Couture

His rich variety seems almost inexhaustible: Patrik Muff’s archive contains more than 800 ring models from 35 years of production. All of them were produced by the Munich jewellery designer in numerous material variants and individualizations for his customers, always in the characteristic Muff style. But Patrik Muff goes yet one step further: His fine jewellery creations are – as in the haute couture fashion – absolutely one of a kind. The ONE stone, the very special shape for a very special person or occasion. Patrik Muff translates long-cherished dreams into glorious and precious solitaires that accompany their wearers throughout their lives.

Collection B

A remarkable collection of fantastic exhibits has been developed over many years in trusting collaboration: Jewellery designer Patrik Muff has re-interpreted rare finds and antique treasures from collectors and brought them back to life in his creations. What element links all these items? Muff’s significant design language and white gold runs through the entire collection as a high-carat material. The results include chain pendants, necklaces, tuxedo buttons and many more unique pieces that can be excellently varied in countless combinations.

New Guise

Embedded in family history, this antique coin has a high emotional symbolic meaning for its owner. Jewellery designer Patrik Muff has set it into an elaborately crafted amulet and integrated this into a precious white gold necklace with baroque keshi pearls. The resulting similarity to a rosary underscores the deep meaning of the plaque for its owner.

Sculpture in Everyday Life

The cane is evolving from a utensil to a piece of jewellery: A renowned metal sculptor’s figurehead is a dragon’s head with outstretched tongue. The artist Patrik Muff had this motif created as an extravagant walking stick head made of solid sterling silver. The result? A striking interpretation of the original motif for sophisticated daily use.

Individual Gifts

Corporate gifts that carry the client’s culture and identity and simultaneously signal high esteem for the recipient: Atelier Patrik Muff creates very personal company gifts tailored to the customer’s profile and produces them in small editions. On request with individualized packaging. Because unique customers require special attention.