Signature Pieces

Jewellery designer Patrik Muff’s signature is unmistakable in every item he designs. However, some of the over 1500 handmade creations are absolute must-haves with high recognition value: They embody Patrik Muff’s style in a very unique way.


This statement piece can do both casual chic and real glamor – its effect depends entirely on the material threaded onto the strands. The spectrum ranges from pearls, sapphires and emeralds to antique glass stones. There are also two types of clasp. The item that wraps itself around the wrist so naturally is based on a long development phase so that up to 75 bead strings can be arranged in perfect interplay. To this day, the expressive piece of jewellery is a highlight in the collection of the Munich designer Patrik Muff.


As early as in pre-Christian times, wings were a symbol of protection by higher powers. Patrik Muff designed the motif, which for him stands for freedom and lightness, as a pendant in different shapes, sizes and materials, but always with elaborate plumage. Wings are one of the motifs from the Munich jewellery designer’s portfolio that can be combined particularly well.

Stamp Rings

These rings, typical of Atelier Patrik Muff right from the start, are not only visually distinctive but are also a specificity of craft: While all the other pieces of jewellery are cast in a form, the stamp rings and bracelets are created by forging. First, the precious metal is drawn to the required size, then struck with self-made letter and pattern stamps and finally bent into a ring. The message in the ring – be it text, a name, a date or a symbol – can be customized. This makes the stamped jewellery pieces perfect, unconventional friendship or wedding rings.


A particularly striking and sought-after piece from the collaboration between the Munich jewellery designer Patrik Muff and the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg: Fragile coral, symbol of the endangered oceans, but also of the wealth of nature, is made of smooth, cool porcelain and is available in three sizes in red, black and white.


The gripping eagle-claw has a multitude of symbolic meanings – power, foresight, strength – but always with a touch of myth and magic. The multi-layered jewellery item is one of the most sought-after pieces by Atelier Patrik Muff and is available in various sizes and designs; the balls can be made of moonstone, onyx or a pearl, for example.

Carlotta Rings

The fine solitaire rings crafted by jewellery designer Patrik Muff are available in many shapes, gemstone variants and shades of gold. Their shape was specifically designed so that they can be worn on their own as well as combined by nestling the ring heads together when worn. They can be combined and varied as desired according to individual taste and look. Versions with diamonds are also available as a special gift or engagement ring.


The diversity of species and the beauty of beetles have fascinated the Munich jewellery designer since his earliest childhood. That’s why Patrik Muff dedicated not only an ongoing art project with overpaintings of historical portraits to the most diverse order of insects. Even though he is the one designing the beetle-shaped jewellery, nature is the inspiration. The armoured arthropods adorn rings, pendants or brooches, their iridescence is reflected in sterling silver, gold, redwood and ebony, as well as in porcelain.