Patrik Muff

Patrik Muff has had a passion for classic crafts and fine materials all his life. Born into a family of craftsmen in Hochdorf, Switzerland, he grew up in a creative environment surrounded by hammers, nails and saws. While training as a goldsmith and after studying art in Cologne, Patrik continued to refine his unmistakable style, launching his intricate and opulent designs whilst the rest of the jewellery industry was in the grip of minimalism.

After several years in Cologne, the city of art on the banks of the River Rhine, the ‘Junge Wilde’ of the German jewellery scene headed south to make Munich his new home.

His love of craftsmanship and tradition is among the factors that link him to the Royal Porcelain Manufacturer Nymphenburg, which is just one of the renowned companies offering special collections and editions by Patrik Muff.

Atelier Muff gets its character from the love of detail and the discerning eye of those who work there, both front-of-house and behind the scenes. Brand identity, corporate design, public relations and collaborations are all the responsibility of Bele Muff.

Atelier Muff cooperates with renowned artists, manufacturers and fashion labels, with editions for the likes of Jenny Holzer, Strellson, Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg and Birkenstock.

Jewellery collections by Patrik Muff are available exclusively from Atelier Muff in Munich and from selected galleries in Berlin and Cologne.